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ĆTransfers on the island Šolta.

   We woud like to present you our pick-up service:

ROGAČ - MASLENICA - 100 Kuna; around trip 150 Kuna;

ROGAČ - NEČUJAM - 80 Kuna; around trip 130 Kuna;

ROGAČ - STOMORSKA - 130 Kuna;around trip 180 Kuna;

ROGAČ - GROHOTE - 70 Kuna.

Every 15 min waiting - 10 Kuna.

On service:  

  • Hyunday H1 (max 8 seats);
  • Citroen C4 (max 4seats);

 Airport Split transfer.

You could order our cars for pick-up service to SPLIT AIRPORT !


Hyunday H1 (max 8 seats) - 750 Kuna; Citroen C4 (max 4 seats) - 500 Kuna.


Pick up place - all city on island, the price is not including passenders tickets on ferry.




The sauna is made of Nordic pine wood, where it is heated by long infrared rays. Infra-red air creates heat that is very close to our body. The common source of IC air is the sun, whose spectrum contains 60% of these air. If our body does not get a sufficient amount of IC light from the sun, we become sick and depressed. Thus, infrared heat is necessary for the health of all living beings.
IC radii penetrate up to 1 cm in the skin and subcutaneous tissue and then heat through the bloodstream into deeper tissues (up to 5 cm in diameter). Thanks to the intense depth of action, sweat from the inside to the surface of the skin, and the amount of sweating and intensity are up to three times higher than in the Finnish sauna.
     The temperature in the IC sauna range ranges from 230 to 60 ° C, which is another advantage for those who do not meet the high temperatures of the classical saunas.
     Staying in the IC sauna is one-time and is up to 30 minutes. The client needs to feel warmth. After that, showering, relaxing and refreshing drinks are followed.
     Thermal infrared saunas relaxes and relaxes the body, reduces stress and eliminates tension in the muscles. It is eye-catching for detoxification of harmful substances and toxins from the body and for cleansing the skin. Infrared sauna enhances the immune system. In IC medicine, heat is used to reduce pain in the joints, back and neck, rheumatism, arthrosis, neuralgia, reduce pain in chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, helps in the treatment of cellulite, allergies and some skin diseases.

      You can rent sauna with using pool per hour. For example : one hour of sauna is  60 Kn + 100 Kn pool.

 If you are our guests - the pool is free.  The sauna is for two peoples .



 You can rent a bikes at our holiday home: Rogać, Stari put 46.

 If youd like to rent a bikes at another place of island, we will transfer it to you .


 Price for rent a bike:

may, june,september - 75 Kuna /day ;

july, august - 100 Kuna /day ;

Price for rent an electric bike:

may,june,september -120 Kuna /day ;

july,august - 150 Kuna /day .


Please, be note:

 If you are not at our apartments, you must pay deposit for rent e-bike 100 euro, for rent regular bike - 50 euro.

 If youd like to order pick-up service, you can pay amount of transfer:

 ROGAČ - MASLENICA - 100 Kuna;   ROGAČ - NEČUJAM - 80 Kuna;   ROGAČ - STOMORSKA - 120 Kuna;

 ROGAČ - GROHOTE - 50 Kuna.




 You can rent a CAR at our holiday home or ROGAĆ,GROHOTE.

  Price for rent a car:


  1-2 days 3-6 days more 7 days
01-05; 09-12 400 Kn (55)
350Kn (47)
    on requist
   500Kn (67)   
400 Kn (55)  350Kn (47)

For more information , please, visit web-site :




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